I had a star chart reading done . . .

Here is what Fiona Broome wrote after reading my natal charts. Her site is at: http://www.hollowhill.com/starblog.htm

– – – – –

Pisces rules your third house. It’s also where Jupiter & Chiron reside, which is particularly significant.

Jupiter in Pisces means that you lean towards “bleeding heart” impulses. If someone needs help and there’s any possible way that you can, you will, even at the expense of higher priorities. What’s worse, if you don’t help someone when you can, the omission can come back to bite you later. That’s the retrograde effect.

This leaves you wanting to help, wanting to keep your priorities straight, and never sure which is more important in any given situation. I don’t envy some of the hard decisions you’ve had to make.

I’m reminded of when people bite the bullet and clean house, and then–two weeks later–realize that they threw out something that they needed, after all. And, thereafter, they tend not to throw anything out again.

When you manage to keep your priorities in order and don’t help everyone whose path even vaguely comes near yours, there will be times when you regret that. Try to keep your priorities in line. This will take nerves of steel sometimes, but it’s part of what you’re here to work with, and learn from.

Jupiter in your third house means that you’ve go the gift of blarney… you’d make a great orator, politician, or even a stage performer. Words serve you well, and communication lines of all kinds tend to snarl at weird times (that retrograde influence) but generally, writing & anything involving words & communications are where you shine.

Chiron is a planet we’re still sorting out, but astrologers who take it seriously say that it can be the key to your biggest task in this lifetime… it’s where you may be getting in your own way, and it’s not a coincidence that it looks a little like the “handicapped” symbol. So, all in all, this may be a life-changing series of years ahead, starting right now.

You’ve also been blessed with Sagittarius rising, which makes you gregarious in nature… or at least, that’s how others see you. You’re a guy who’s well set to outflow, perhaps too well, and inflow may be where you need to focus.

A whole lot hinges on your communications in the upcoming year especially. The free forecast for you at astro.com goes into this in detail.

Interestingly, the third house is also about communications. So, in light of this being your “Pisces house”, it’s time to examine how you communicate with the outside world. If you haven’t considered a career in writing, look at this carefully. Something in how you communicate needs to change, and it will transform your life for the better. The sooner you begin these changes, and the more aggressively you go after your (new? recent?) goals in this area, the better. Life will force you to change if you don’t do this self-determinedly… that’s what this Pisces dance is all about.

The balance of your planets shows a lot of opportunity in spirituality, psychology, internal dialogue, and–in general–you can’t avoid becoming famous (or infamous). How big you make this is up to you. But, see how your planets are generally loaded in the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses? That’s where the big games are for you, this lifetime. With Neptune & Venus in your 11th… your romantic life will sizzle, and it’s all about envisioning and sharing ideals.

The Moon & Mars in your eighth house…? You’ll do best to integrate eighth house issues with subtlety. They may be the crux of your message to others, but you’re good at being coy and weaving what you want to say into other topics. Practice that–avoid the bull in the china shop routine–and you’ll do very well.

Honestly, I see a writer in this chart. I don’t know whether it’d be fiction or non-fiction, but I see a writer… eleventh house topics will be your best themes.

Just… well, whatever it is that you need to tackle to change how you communicate with others… be very aggressive about this and this Pisces influence will serve you well. If you go in the wrong direction, misunderstandings will flare up with a siren and a brass band, and you’ll need to mend fences in a hurry. The good news is, it’s going to be very clear to you very quickly, if what you’re doing is working, or if you need to shift gears quickly.


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