What to do about Jerusalem . . .???

I’ve been reading about the current hopes for peace in the Israel/Palestine conflict zone, and while I was reading about the elections the Palestinians had today, and President Carter’s comments on his observations, I also was remembering something of the history of Jerusalem.

First off, I don’t think it would be very disputable at all for me to claim that Jerusalem is the #1 most fought-over city in the world. The current dispute between Israel and Palestine is only a recent crumb in the turmoil that city has experienced. It is a holy city to no less than 3 different religions, each radically different than both of the others.

I don’t know enough about the pre-Israel times of that area, but I think it “might” be safe to say that Israel built that city – about 2500-3000 years ago??? After the exodus from Egypt (I have a theory about that, also, but that’s for another post).

Anyway – looking at the present-time scene for Jerusalem, I have an idea. Make it a true cosmopolitain city – one with no nationalist ties. In other words, by decree of the World Court and the UN, make Jerusalem a city outside of all nations. Provide enough additional land for a good international airport, and sea port access. Restore all sacred groud within the city to the religious group capable of documenting the oldest claim to that site. Any religious groups displaced by that decision would be allocated ground to rebuild the church/mosque/temple they lost.

Finally, here is the real controversial proposal. Nobody in Jerusalem would be forced to surrender their weapons, or alter them in any way. Every citizen of Jerusalem would have a 100% right to own, carry, and use weapons of all kinds – unless CONVICTED of using them in a criminal manner. That would be the only reason to take away the right to own/carry firearms, blades, etc.


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