Muslim religion on trial????

I was reading the story at this link:

and it caught my attention that Muslims in New Jersey were upset. Even the quote about whether it was the Muslim religion or a killer that was on trial.

Here are my thoughts. First, there is a VERY extensive list of criminal attrocities against US soldiers and citizens that has been built over the last 40 years – all performed by Muslim men between 16-40 years of age. Strong grounds for profile screening all by itself.

So, it is unfortunate, but justified that Muslim IS on trial, and the court is the court of public opinion. There is only one way to acquit the defendant – for the defendant to fully denounce terrorists and acts of terrorism, and fully cooperate in bringing terrorist actions to an end. This will show that the defendant – the MUSLIM religion – does not sanction these actions, and place those engaging in such actions outside the protections of the religious community they believe they are serving.


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