One of Life’s Truths

I’ve been doing some reading, thinking, and meditating (after a fashion), and believe I’ve hit on something worth sharing. I hope it helps all who read it.

– – – – –

You will never get more back from life than you give to it, without paying a terrible price. There are people like Donald Trump, who build vast empires seemingly with ease, but their fortunes are bought with the poverty of their relationships.


If you desire to have a perfect spouse, seek first to be a perfect partner.
If you deisre to gain the perfect job, seek to be the perfect employee.
If you desire perfect friends, endeavor to never be a false one.

If you fill your home, heart, and life with jealousy, contempt, lust, or hate, this is what will return to you from the lives around you. As Jesus said, “That which you sow, you shall also reap.” Live your life with love, generosity, beauty, and joy, and you will indeed receive the life of all who are heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven.

As a final thought, I would add to the above PATIENCE. Keep at it. Nothing worth doing happens overnight, and nothing worth being can be lived only one day. If you are only doing it to reap the rewards, you will not be able to stay with it long enough for the rewards to find you. On the other hand, if your reasons are true, and you desire that EVERYONE else gains what you desire for yourself, no force on earth can stop your very words from making it happen.


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