Welcome to the Communist States of America . . .

I got the following from a newsletter that I get:

“It is with big regret that Jokeworm.com can no longer provide you with
the great entertainment you came here for.
In its infinite wisdom the US government has made it illegal and a
federal offence for jokeworm.com (or any other person or website based
in the USA for that matter) to send or store “adult” images on its
servers or send them out in a newsletter or email format wthout first
having a written record on file of the name and age of each individual
model in each image we send out.

This bookkeeping is simply impossible for us to comply with – and
therefore with immediate effect Jokeworm.com will no longer be hosting
adult images or will no longer be sending out adult images of any kind
through our server.

You can read more about the new laws here

We are seeking a solution to enable us to continue to send out this
great entertainment to you – but for now – until we have a solution we
have no option but to comply with the new laws.”

Just FYI – this law also applies to individuals .. so, if you have any
adult images on your own computer you can be prosecuted and locked up
if you don’t have valid records .. dontcha just love this new law ?

From Jade – Please do not email me about this as I don’t have
any information for you. If it was up to me, I’d tell the law to go to hell!
This is supposed to be a free country but it’s turning more into a communist
one everyday. But, it’s not my decision to make it’s Pete’s, and I will abide
by his decision. All I can suggest you do is stay subscribed,
and hopefully he will find a way around this for us.”

So, it no longer matters what one considers “pornography” – because now anything that is classified as “adult” by the government, even if it contains no nudity, is illegal without mountains of paperwork to support it. As you can see above, even legit newsletters are saying this paperwork is too much of a burden to bear. Thus, the government has cut you and me off from our freedom of choice simply by demanding unrealistic compliance documentation.

This action is SO UNAMERICAN it should be forbidden to even consider the possibility, yet here it is. Time to look for a new home, I think . . . .


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