Why the US can’t win in Iraq???

I’m not sure how credible this is, but it is food for thought – especially about the consequences. I’ve known for several years now that being in debt was bad, personally and nationally. Now, it seems that I may have been far more right than I previously thought.

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There is a growing movement in the USA to have their troops withdrawn from Iraq. Meanwhile President Bush has emphasised that the troops can not be withdrawn in recent speeches, as to do so threaten the security of the USA. The president has repeatedly said that the United States cannot withdraw from Iraq now, because doing so would dishonor the sacrifice of the fighting men and women who have perished there and would endanger America’s security.

“Our efforts in Iraq and the broader Middle East will require more time, more sacrifice and continued resolve,” he said. “Yet people across the Middle East are choosing a future of freedom and prosperity and hope. And as they take these brave steps, Americans will continue to stand with them because we know that free and democratic nations are peaceful nations.”

What the President has not explained is that to withdraw from Iraq would have disastrous consequences and threaten the survival of the USA. The talk of “freedom and hope” is pure propaganda for domestic consummation. He fails to explain the real reasons why America cannot withdraw. Yet America and Britain will eventually be defeated in Iraq – many Middle East commentators now acknowledge that victory is no longer achievable.

As the pressure in the USA grows to withdraw from Iraq, what the protestors against the occupation of Iraq fail to understand is that the USA can not withdraw from Iraq. To do so it would be seen as being a defeat in the eyes of the world, even if done so voluntary. It would either allow al-Qaeda and their allies to gain control of Iraq, or Iran, and to emerge as the dominant Middle East power. Whoever gains control of Iraq, would threaten Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, and gain control of the Persian Gulf and Middle East oil. If America’s enemies gain control of Middle East oil, and cut-off the supply of oil to the USA, the debt ridden US economy is doomed.

The coming defeat in Iraq will result be the catalyst that will bring about a global lack of confidence in America and Britain’s leadership – our creditors will no longer have confidence to continue lending the money to provide the finance necessary for the sustainability of our economies which is essential for the Anglo-Saxon dominance on the world. Defeat in Iraq will not only be the final outcome of a disastrous and unnecessary military adventure – it will also result in an total economic collapse which will bring about the end of the global dominance the Anglo-Saxon alliance has had over the world for the last 200 years.

Disaster is looming ever closer to the people of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Our people are about to experience the worse economic collapse and military defeat in history.

It is now some four years that I have written how America would invade Iraq, and that this would lead to its military defeat and economic collapse. While the war in Iraq continues, the USA and Britain have not yet been defeated. The economy continues to expand, unemployment remains low. Life continues on much as previously. Consumer spending continues to grow, financed on borrowed money from Asia, as though as there was no tomorrow.

Yet a looming disaster waits just over the horizon.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq has been financed on borrowed money. There has been no increase in taxes to finance this military adventure. The money has been borrowed from our former enemies in the form of Treasury Bonds. One day it will have to be repaid. The current level of borrowing to maintain our current lifestyles is simply not sustainable.

What will happen if we are unable to repay our debts? When a nation is no longer able to service their debts, they become insolvent. Credit is cut off. The currency becomes worthless. The time is rapidly approaching when our creditors will no longer continue lending us money, and begin demanding that we repay our debts. We simply do not have the financial reserves to repay these debts.

How could everything have gone so wrong for the USA and Britain in invading Iraq? Why what should have been seemingly was a simple task of overthrowing a Middle East tyrant turned into such a disaster? Surely God would bless them for their efforts. What Americans still do not realise is why they have got themselves into such a mess, and what the solution is to save their nation from total defeat.

What most fail to understand is that America’s problems are a direct result of rejecting the Law of God, and relying on their own military might and a false belief that God would bless their efforts in invading Iraq to “free the Iraqi people” But clearly God has not blessed America’s efforts in Iraq? Rather, America’s has been cursed. Britain and America will continue to be cursed, unless they repent of their own reliance on their military might, learn to trust God, and turn to obedience of the 10 Commandments and the Laws God has given us to provide a framework for us to live our lives by. The consequence of rejecting these Laws is explained in the Books of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28.

Sadly, there has been a total failure by today’s religious organisations in warning what would befall our nations as a consequence of not following these Laws God has given us, which provide the framework for how we are to be governed and live our lives. It is only by returning to keeping these Laws that we can prevent the total disaster that will overtake our nations.

Even worse, many of these false ministers actually supported and encouraged the Bush administration to invade Iraq.

Unless there is real change by our people, the Anglo-Saxon will experience a greater disaster than has ever befallen our people in their history. Defeat in Iraq will be followed by economic collapse. Our creditors will no longer be willing to lend us money to sustain our consumer-driven economies. The withdrawal of their loans will result in the total collapse of our currencies, followed by starvation, hardship, disease, poverty and a total breakdown of our societies. It will result in unimaginable suffering of our people, resulting in many millions of deaths. Our nations will then be taken over by our former enemies, and we will be subjected to them.

Bruce Porteous

28th August, 2005

Oh, and I still haven’t gotten to pick up the parts to make the A/C in our Mustang work, because the parts shop we use sent all it’s best people to a swap meet all weekend, and they aren’t back in the shop yet today.


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