More about the “Judge Not” Poem … (11/23/2005)

Christians really need to pay attention to that poem. Well, sure, everyone should. But in my experience, Christians really have a bug up their backsides. They think they are superior to everyone else, based solely on their religion.


Christianity did not just *pop* into a vaccuum. Planet earth had about 8-10 THOUSAND years worth of religious thought roaming it’s ground before Christianity came along. Now, my dear Christian Friends, I would challenge you to look in the book of Daniel, at the dream of the great statue. Notice anything?

Like, perhaps, that the BEST came FIRST, and each successive layer was inferior to the one that preceeded it? Since Christianity is the NEWEST major religion on the planet, what does that say about it?

I really don’t want to be judgemental here, but I do want to challenge people’s comfort zones, and get them to think. There really isn’t any religion – NONE – that is so full of truth that it has any right besmirching other people’s values. Besides, unless gravity suddenly stops working, we’re all on this mudball, and not going anywhere. So, it’s time to learn to work together, or chuck the whole idea of religion out the window, as a nice idea that isn’t practical.

You know who really benefits from blind devotion to religion? No? Take a guess. Aww, come on.

Preachers. As they labor to build up a flock, and preach the “Us vs. them” mentality, they secure their entire ability to live to the anchor of that congregation. They can’t afford the risk of even one influential parishioner taking a serious look at something different, and deciding that there might be truth (even just a little bit) to it. It cuts into the profit margin of the weekly sermons. So, more so than anything else, they cultivate “loyalty” and “togetherness” and “uniqueness” – all in the name of “compassion for your imortal soul” – but they won’t even let you look at just how imortal it really is!

Well, it’s WAY PAST TIME for religion to stop being a wall between groups of people. Stop and think about this for a moment – if every Jew, every Muslim, every Hindu, and every Catholic in the New York City area were to all go to Central Park, and just spend a weekend playing, singing, dancing, and enjoying life together – – – – – – – – JUST HOW MUCH would it change the geo-political landscape of the whole planet? What if they did it once a month? What if, in the USA, everyone was REALLY free to worship however they pleased (even if they pleased not to worship anything) in the complete acceptance of all other US citizens?

And what if biggotted idiots who didn’t finish High School suddenly stopped trying to act like they were really smarter than their relatives who not only graduated, but never stopped studying, and nourished an IQ of over 145 besides?

Nah, I suppose some things just might be too much to ask, even on Turkey-day.


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