Can you help?

I know that some of my friends are interested in/practitioners of things other than mainstreem philosophy or religion. It’s alright, I have esoteric interests myself. Since I’m not feeling very good today (still dealing with the migraine) I did some browsing of friends sites, and found a link to a free Tarot reading.

I chose a 10-card layout called the Celtic Cross. These are the cards I pulled, in the order I pulled them. Can anyone give me a good interpretation?

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Ten of Staffs

Your present position.

TEN OF STAFFS – Responsibility

The ten of staffs shows that it would be helpful at this time to examine your attitudes towards responsibility. Do you see it as a burden or a gift? This card reminds you of the necessity to take full responsibility for what you bring into your life, with the knowledge that you always have a choice in how you view it or deal with it. Responsibility usually means hard work, but it also means that you are now mature enough to deal with it.

If life feels a burden at the moment, look at how you can ease this and make it more comfortable for yourself. Try taking a new perspective. Responsibility is a great teacher. Its lessons are the ability to celebrate who and what you are, and a willingness to embrace all aspects of life. You are capable of achieving more than you think you are!

Question to ponder: Is your attitude towards responsibilities helping you or holding you back?


Ace of Staffs

What crosses you.


The Ace Of Staffs indicates new and exciting beginnings. It is a seed card, showing that the energy is now available for you to accomplish whatever you set out to do.

All blockages to your success have now been removed, and you can move swiftly forward with confidence. This is a time of renewal and transformation. New opportunities are about to be offered, filling you with a sense of eagerness and optimism. You now have the inner strength to step forward and put your ideas into action, with the knowledge that success is waiting for you.

Question to ponder: Are you now ready to direct your energy forcefully to accomplish your goal?


The Tower

What is above you
– The Future.


The Tower is the great awakener. It tears away the veils which, until now, have prevented clear sight. This can be painful, because sometimes it is easier to hold on to illusions than face a difficult truth. The Tower indicates a time of transformation at a very deep level, often brought about through external circumstances, in order to create the space in your life for a new form of energy and experience.

This card advises that it is time to let go, to allow things to take their course, to resist the urge to fight or deny the experience. The right action is to wait for the storm to blow over – and it will. You may feel that you have been washed up on a foreign shore with no map, but this is actually a time when you can experience yourself as a strong, empowered being, programmed for survival.

The Tower can also signify a sudden flash of insight, a realisation that can bring forth a state of ecstasy and which can change your life in an instant – the inexplicable feeling of ‘Eureka!’ that has given rise to some of the most important scientific discoveries. But in this case, the discovery is about yourself, about who and what you are. The gifts of the Tower, though they may seem harsh, open the way to a powerful, true sense of self.

Question to ponder: Are you now ready to let go of the masks which hide the true self?


Maid of Chalices

What is beneath you
– Passing out of your life.


The Maid of Chalices represents the ability to give freely of yourself. There is a kind of innocence and purity in this card, and an openness to what feels fresh and new. You can now be receptive to the ideas, energies, and feelings of others, and can rely on your intuition to know who you can or cannot trust.

Your sensitivity is heightened. This is a time of hope, where you can afford to be flexible and open-hearted. This card can signify a new and tender beginning to a relationship, and the ability to put your trust in another.

Question to ponder: What are your feelings about trust?


Four of Vesicas

What is behind you
– The Past.


The Four of Vesicas indicates the need to deal with power issues in a constructive way. There is stability and deep integrity in your dealings with others. You expect people to be as you are yourself, and are disappointed if they let you down. Either there is a need for more boundaries, or you are putting up too many barriers between yourself and others.

The position of the vesica symbols on the figure in the card reveal the way forward. The first vesica is on the solar plexus chakra, the seat of the will, indicating the need to push for what you want. The next vesica is positioned at the heart chakra, signalling you to follow your feelings. The last two vesicas are on the shoulders, the area where you carry responsibility, and remind you to be willing to take responsibility for your actions.

Question to ponder: Are you aware of whether your boundaries are too loose or too tight around you?


Nine of Staffs

What is before you
– The Future


This card represents your inner strength, the aspect of you which knows what you truly are, and are not, capable of. Guard against over-reaching yourself at this time, as there is a need to protect and nurture what you have gained. You are now becoming aware of your inner strength and your potential. With the achievements that you have experienced so far, you may be feeling frightened of losing, or having taken from you, what you have gained.

Relax. You are now more able to use your keen perception to recognise those who may be envious of your success, and you know how to intuit whether or not you can trust someone enough to allow them to get close to you. By setting safe boundaries for yourself to work within at this time, you can rely on your inner strength to act as your guardian.

Question to ponder: What do you need to keep to yourself at this time?


Eight of Vesicas

Where you will find yourself.


This card indicates that you are now able to use your creative energy to accomplish something that will be appreciated by others. It is important not to try to rush things in this process; you need to be prepared to allow things to take shape and come to fruition in their own time.

By tapping into your ability to think creativity, you can bring a feeling of inspiration and private happiness to all that you do. Know that what you are working at now will bring its own rewards in the future, along with an inner sense of achievement.

Question to ponder: Can you see your goal clearly within your reach?


Six of Vesicas

Your surroundings and
– or how others see you.

SIX OF VESICAS – Manifestation

This card indicates a time of great expansion that is the result of focusing on your goal. There is an influx of positive energy, and you are now able to see the results of patience and hard work. There is a feeling of optimism, you can be attuned to your heart energy, and are now willing and able to give a great deal more of yourself.

Something new is about to enter your life. A dream could be about to come to fruition, and this is a good time to think about what you really wish for in your life, and how you can bring this into reality.

Question to ponder: What is it that you truly wish for?


Queen of Vesicas

Your hopes – or fears


The Queen of Vesicas indicates the overcoming of past obstacles and difficulties. You are now grounded and centred within yourself, which gives you a sense of wholeness. This card indicates the need to be uncompromising about your goals and needs, but you can also see the humour in situations.

This is a time to take a straightforward approach, and to take pleasure in what is going on around you. Your unerring sense of what is right will lead you to your goal. Go with the flow, and try not to push events before they are ready to move forward. By being patient, and making the necessary preparations, you can fulfil your aims.

Question to ponder: Are you aware of, and willing to embrace, your inner strength?


The Magician

The Outcome.


The Magician represents the power of the will to manifest the energy needed for your purposes. It shows that you have all the tools you need at your disposal, and that you only need to have confidence in order to attain what you desire. The Magician shows that you have a particular direction that you need to follow, and that this has deep meaning for you. It can be accomplished, with the correct focus.

In the image, Merlin does not need to do anything – he simply is himself, with a strong awareness of his ability to manifest his wants and ideas. He receives the power needed through the chalice and vesica, and directs it through the staff and the sword. Whereas the Fool card is the beginning, the Magician represents the first steps actually taken to begin a new and exciting phase of your life. It is the sense of empowerment that you feel when you realise that you are in control of your life.

The Magician shows that you are able to accomplish what you want through being focused on your goal. It shows strength of will and determination, and reminds you that you have all you need at your disposal. It can also indicate someone in your life who bears these qualities.

Question to ponder: In what area of your life do you need to focus, in order to achieve your desires?


4 thoughts on “Can you help?

  1. What’s ahead is work. Lots of skilled work, and some education. That’s what the Vesicas (pentacles) are telling you. Since they’re all high cards–four or above–you’ll be building on existing skills & knowledge.

    (A Three indicates something where you’ve accomplished some things. I’ll talk about that in a minute, in relation to your Nine of Staffs. But anyway, as soon as you reach the Four card–your Four of Vesicas–you have a foundation already in place, and you’re building on that.)

    The Tower and the Nine of Staffs indicate that you may have one heck of a conflict in the process. Too bad for them. (I just said that sarcastically, btw.)

    See, any Nine is made up of three Threes. A Three… I like to think of them as tripods or three-legged stools; you can’t turn them over or put them off-balance. Three x Three = Nine, and that means you’re pretty much as firmly footed as it gets, so let the Tower erupt. It will all work out in your favor, in the end.

    Queen of Vesicas shows that there may be little things that you’re overlooking. Don’t worry about this, if you’re fretting about missing something important. It’s not important, even if it sidetracks you briefly, later. Put all of your energy (Tone 40) into what you’re doing. Accept that it’s not an effective use of your time, to be totally on top of every aspect of every possible side of the game. You’re already handling the important stuff, and that’s all that’s necessary, really.

    The thing that leaps out at me is: Your situation is the Ten of Staffs, and what’s crossing you is the Ace of Staffs.

    A Ten means that you’ve completed the game, pretty much. You’re at that Power plateau. You can either move up to a new realm of games in that same area (which would show up as royalty cards in the reading, and your only royalty cards are past or peripheral), or you can turn over your hat. Those are your choices.

    The cards tell you that it’s time for a new game. The Ace is always a new start… a new game. Crossing you… that means that you’re kind of kicking and screaming, resisting it. Okay, it’s not all that dramatic, but… you get the idea. I’m pretty sure that this is going to mean “new unit of time” in a broader way than makes you comfortable. You’re comfy in your Ten of Staffs world, but… hey, nothing stays constant, right?

    Ultimately, your outcome is the Magician, which is NO surprise to me. Honestly, whether you take up Astrology, the Tarot, or some other metaphysical (or mundane) way to reach a broader audience with sound advice, you’re the Magician and you always have been.

    It’s all about a new unit of time, and perhaps breaking others’ rules that no longer serve you. In fact, those rules may be preventing you from reaching as many people as you could, if you reframed what you’ve been doing, with a new context.

    You’re about to enter a new Non-Existence arena. Apply it well, and you’ll do fine. The toughest part will be accepting what’s needed & wanted, as opposed to what you know that people should need and want.

    I hope this helps!

  2. P.S. I have no doubt that you already know (or can guess) what the new game is. And, it’s possible that the resistance to change is entirely external to you, or something mostly external that concerns you a bit.

    Keep your eye on becoming the Magician. Or, more correctly, being recognized as the Magician. Yes, there’s work and learning involved, but I also believe that this is a reframing endeavor–putting existing skills & knowledge into a new context–as much as anything.

    The Magician is the outcome. You can handle anything that comes from the Tower. Just keep moving forward.

  3. Thank you, my friend. I guess I was hoping for something else, but you confirmed my suspicions right down the line. I think I was most surprised to see the combination of the 10 of staffs where it was, and the Magician card where it was. As soon as I saw that, I shivered like I’d been struck with icy chain-lightning or something. I didn’t say so before, because I wanted your interpretation to be free of my distractions.

    Someone must have “blessed” me with the ancient Chinese blessing “May you live in interesting times.” LOL!

    My times will certainly be “interesting” for a while. Oh, well, suck it up and get on with it! LOL!

  4. Hey, I’m honored to know someone who’s a genuine Magician. Those are few and far between! I can hardly wait to see where this adventure takes you!

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