Ok, now I’m LIVID . . .

Check out this link: http://www.idharassingcalls.com/

What this is, is a service (I assume it’s new) that offers to “trap” annoying calls and provide you with the phone number the call is coming from, even if it is unlisted or ID blocked.

On this surface, it is a good idea. I can understand why someone who is getting hang-up calls repeatedly in the middle of the night would want to know who is doing it. Also, if you thought you had a reason to believe your spouse was getting phone calls from an alternate significant other, you would want to find out for sure. For $50/day (less for multi-day trap programs) they will provide this information for you.

However – there is a BIG problem with that. For starters, there is no requirement that you even profess this is to get such information. Additional services they provide (at much higher costs) include a Reverse Cell Phone Number Look-up service, a Locate Cell Number From Name & Address service, a Name & Address from Disconnected Cell Number service, and similar landline & pager services.

In other words, you have NO PRIVACY if you’ve ever had a phone, cell phone, or pager. If there is anyone you do NOT want to have a way to call you, for as little as $109 they can get your phone numbers without your permission, even if you are UNLISTED. What is worse is, they claim this is completely legal. What happened to INVASION OF PRIVACY? This is not limited to law enforcement agencies, or even those plus private investigators. It’s available to ANYONE who wants to find you.

They claim this would be useful in hunting down a stalker, but what if the stalker is the one buying the service, to locate a stalkee? What if, like me, you have completely cut all communication lines with someone who is a very real threat to your life? Guess what – for as little as $109 that person can get your phone number, and for a little more they can also get your address! You have no way to prevent it!

Oh, I could keep going on, but I think you get the point. This place needs to be sued, by someone with VERY deep pockets, and prevented from continuing to do business. It is a BAD IDEA!


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