RIP – cousin Kim . . .

I found out just a little while ago that Kim, one of my cousins (on my dad’s side), died early this morning of a drug overdose. She’s been struggling emotionally for several years, and using drugs heavily during that time. She had 2 kids, and I guess Kim’s sisters will keep them now. I haven’t heard for sure. But, Kim’s sisters have been taking care of them for a while already, so it makes sense for them to continue.

Well, Kim’s struggle is over. She’s on her way to the next adventure. I can’t say I’m sorry that this one is over – but I do wish I’d known sooner. I might have been able to help, because of my understanding of Dianetics. At least I could have offered – I don’t know if she would have accepted or not. It does bug me some to think of what is waiting for her in the next adventure, with this on her “record”. You know what I mean?


2 thoughts on “RIP – cousin Kim . . .

  1. It sounds like a difficult, desperate measure. Ah well, she’ll have a chance to sort things out next time, I hope.

    I’m sorry, anyway. I mean, I always want everyone to find their best path and live happily ever after.

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