More progress on health . . .

I had an amazing discovery Wednesday night, but to share it I’ll have to back up to 1994 and remind you of some of my experiences while I was connected to the Church of Scientology.

This isn’t a pitch to get you interested in Scientology. I would never suggest that someone join that organization now. But, I will tell you that (when it’s done RIGHT) the processing works. There is a certain way you feel after a session, and I’ve never before experienced anything like it. The feeling is like – “Nothing bad can affect me right now.” And it won’t. I’ve heard of people finishing a session, and a few hours later breaking their ankle – and driving themselves to the hospital to fix it without any trouble at all. They acknowledged the injury, but it just couldn’t dampen their spirit at the time.

Anyhow, after a good session is the only time I’ve ever felt that way. Until Wednesday.

When we got the package from about two weeks ago, there was a letter inside that told us we’d be getting a special “bonus” CD in about 2 weeks. The “bonus” CD would help us make this all work faster, supposedly.

The bonus arrived Wednesday. Notice that I took the word bonus out of quotes. As far as I’m concerned, this one CD by itself was worth EVERYTHING we spent on the package!

So, here’s the deal. When my wife got home from work Wednesday, we ate supper & watched a movie. Pretty much routine. During the movie, I had a glass of wine (only 1) with the “White Gold Powder” added to it. After the movie, we plugged in the headphones (yes, 2 sets through a “Y” splitter) and put in the bonus CD. It was the first time we’d used it. The title of it is “Making Change Easy” and the description says it will help with putting you into the ideal brainwave pattern for mega-learning.

We kicked back in comfy chairs, and I hit “play” on the remote.

After only 30 minutes, the program was over – and I was in shock! The one thing I’d never expected to happen ever again had just happened! I was back in that frame of mind from having a session in Scientology. Not just a session – a really GREAT session! I felt like I was floating!

About a year ago, just before things started getting all screwed up, I got a CD study course for learning French – but never started it. Last night, after finishing the bonus CD, I put the French CD into my computer. I spent the next hour studying French words. At the end of the hour, I took a “match the word/phrase (spoken) to the picture” type of exam. 50 questions. I got them all right on the first pass! I’m not kidding myself that I can speak French now, but I know now that I can LEARN that language! Actually, I’d like to learn 6-8 other languages, which includes a refresher course in German (which I learned while I was in the Army).

Oh, and the icing on the cake? At about 1:00 pm Wednesday, I gave myself a severe scald-burn on my right thumb (2nd degree) – and since we listened to the bonus CD it hasn’t bothered me at all!

Listening to: Jenna Greene – Crossroads


3 thoughts on “More progress on health . . .

  1. That is SO cool!

    One minor point… the link should be (Yours needs an “e” at the end of the site name.)

    I’m getting similar results from the demo CD… on a lesser scale, of course, since it’s just the demo.

    But, it’s synchronicity in overdrive here. It’s amazing. I’m also seeing a clear polarization in progress. That’s helping me to sort out what’s supporting what I’m doing and what’s actually an energy drain. The volume of this (how loud it is, not how much) is making it easier for me to cross the energy drains off my to-do list, and redirect my focus to the good stuff.

  2. Yaaayy! My biggest concern is making sure that people connect with Holosync. It’s amazing. And, I just listened to it again, and I’m experiencing that slight lack of coordination that I get when I’m this blissed out, so my own typing isn’t always accurate! *chortle*

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