Remember Teri Schiavo?

Who can forget the media/medical/legislative circus that surrounded Terri Schiavo’s last days and weeks? Certainly not me. No matter which side of the debate you were on, the one certain fact was that NOBODY was sitting on the fence.

Would you want to be the center of a circus like that if you were in the same condition she was in? I know I wouldn’t. So, here is how you can take a very simple action to put the circus on the road to somewhere else:

No matter what you want your living will to stipulate, once you’ve registered it, nobody can overrule your choices but you. If you believe in the sanctity of life, and want artificial life support to continue until the electric company declares bankruptcy from supporting you, so be it. If you want to designate someone to have the authority to make that decision for you if you can’t make it yourself, it’s done. If you want to put it in writing that certain types of life-sustaining treatment are never to be used on you, it’s your choice.

And the Living Will Registry will instantly notify any hospital exactly what your preferences are, if the need arises. End of debate.

Make your will known – today. Don’t wait for tomorrow, you don’t know what might happen. Remember, Terri Schiavo was perfectly healthy when her heart stopped beating, just long enough to induce a coma.


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