TV shows. . .

As most of you are probably aware, my wife and I have voluntarily disconnected from broadcast TV – which we take to include cable and satellite channels. We have many reasons, but mostly, we just don’t like commercials or fear-mongering in the name of news.

So, in the name of entertainment, we subscribe to Netflix, and I also have an account with iTunes. Mostly I use iTunes for listening to podcasts on subjects having to do with spiritual enlightenment – but every once in a while I find a new jewel. In the last 24 hours, I found 2!

Last evening, I discovered that iTunes has ALL 14 episodes of the TV series Firefliy available for instant download, at a mere $1.99 per episode. I consider that to be pretty good, since it’s a permanent ownership download, not a temporary file that self-erases after 14 days or something.

After we went to sleep, I woke back up at around 4:00 am, and made another discovery. There is a “new” TV series that has piqued my interest. However, since we don’t have cable or satellite TV, I haven’t had the chance to check it out. Until now.

At 4:00 am this morning I discovered that the entire first season of that series – “Heroes” – is available on iTunes at the same $1.99/episode rate. I had enough still on account to download the first 4 episodes.

So far today, we’ve watched the first 2 episodes. I guess that is really not much, except to say that it has confirmed my interest in the show. I’m definately putting the entire first season at the top of the Netflix queue – mixed up with some comedies. Have to keep things kind of light hearted. After all, there’s only about 6-7 disks in the first season – and it’s going to be a year before we get to see season 2!


2 thoughts on “TV shows. . .

  1. You’ll like Heroes. It’s a pretty good one that moves along quick for a first season. Not a lot of stringing you along, and plenty of actual developments. 😀

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