Another movie review . . .

Well, sort of. This isn’t really a movie, it’s an unusual exercise video we got from Netflix.

We actually did have a reason for getting this video. My wife has needed to wear glasses most of her life. Sure enough, slowly over time, her eyesight is getting worse. So, I thought that if we could do something about that, without it costing thousands of dollars and risking blindness, we should give it a try.

This guy knows what he’s talking about. He’s not just some eye doc trying to make a buck from self-help videos. He was born legally blind – and after having a few cataract surgeries as a child, still didn’t have enough eyesight to be able to get a driver’s license. He had to read using Braille.

But, now he can read even this blog. And he has a driver’s license. The techniques he teaches in this video are the very same actions he used to correct his own vision problems, and improve his eyesight to a point where he functions well in daily life without assistance.

He calls it “Yoga for your Eyes” because, according to him, Yoga means “union”. These exercises are all about you uniting with your eyes to do what they need for optimal health. The strange truth is, as I was doing these exercises (even though I have no eye problems right now) – it didn’t feel like exercise. They were a combination of fun and relaxation.

So, I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to improve, or even just preserve, their eyesight. The video is available for $30 from this site:

I give this 8 out of 10 stars.


One thought on “Another movie review . . .

  1. Very cool! I’ve noticed that my eyes are getting better lately, and I’ve been thinking about exercises for them.

    I use reading glasses for age-related reasons, but lately I don’t need the glasses to see my computer screen. Life is good!

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