He’s here!

Our new family member has arrived!

He’s not exactly interested in posing for the camera, so these were the best pics I could get on the first go-round.

Merlin checking out my ball cap on the coffee table.

This was supposed to be my wife’s hands holding Merlin up to the camera so you could see his face. All you can get is a good idea of the size of his head.

Here is the best close-up I got this evening. He’s sitting on a cot in my office, on an old pillow.

Right now, he’s still on the pillow, but looks like he’s decided to go to sleep for the night. Which, if memory serves me right, will last until about 10 minutes after I decide to go to sleep.

Oh well, I think tonight I’ll sleep on the couch, just in case he wants some company. On the way home, he curled up in my beard (while my wife was heading into the grocery store – we bought hard kitten food and he’s not quite ready for it) and was purring like an outboard motor!


6 thoughts on “He’s here!

  1. Re: Awwww.

    He’s an attention whore! If he’d been a girl, we’d have had to name him either Paris or Lindsey! He doesn’t care for cameras, but he can’t stand to not be the only thing getting attention. Even when he’s sitting on my lap, if I’m petting him with one hand and using the other on the computer mouse to read email, he gets upset.

    He’s damned smart, too! The first couple of days, it was fun to make shadow puppets for him to chase – but the little furball has allready figured out that those shadows come from somewhere!

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