Merlin’s mad at me . . .

Here’s the story:

I saw a flea on his belly while I was playing with him. So, Merlin got his first bath.

He did not like it. Not at all.

After I held him under the running water, lathered him with liquid dish soap (carefully keeping it off of his face), I rinsed him off completely. Then I wrapped him in a dry dish towel, and held him while trying to dry him with it. Drying off he liked – he started purring.

Now, he’s still slightly damp, still wrapped in the dish towel, and purring contentedly in my left hand while I one-hand type this note.

I think it worked to get rid of the fleas, though.

2 thoughts on “Merlin’s mad at me . . .

  1. Glad it’s okay now.

    Hope it stays that way. Other things that help are (a) flea collars (b) rotenone dust (or flea powder). The latter is mainly for a bad infestation, which means powdering the furniture/upholstery and carpets, then vacuuming.
    We had to do that once, years ago, in BC (where they have mild winters, and indoor-outdoor cats and dogs can bring fleas into the house).

  2. You managed to give him a bath and not get scratched to smithereens? Man, last time I gave a cat a bath was the last time I ever gave a cat a bath. Horrendous experience.

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