Cat toys . . .

When we decided to adopt the 8oz. bundle of fur with claws, we knew there were some things we’d need that we didn’t have.

We thought that one of the things we’d need was “cat toys”. Especially for our 7 week old kitten.

Well, we are rapidly learning the frustration felt by parents who spend a couple of hundred dollars on a new toy for a birthday present, and the kid wants to play with the box it came in. Yep, that’s our cat!

Among the things we bought for him were the 3-story kitty condo, and a package of misc. cat toys – balls w/ bells, pillows with catnip, a pillow shaped like a mouse.

He won’t touch the condo, and rarely gives the toys the time of day. Instead, he likes the box some of our vitamins arrived in, and he loves to play with the plastic pull-tab that you take off when you open a fresh jug of orange juice. He’ll chase that pull-tab around the kitchen floor for an hour!

Oh, well. We can’t expect a cat to understand the relative value of things. Can we?

8 thoughts on “Cat toys . . .

  1. Cat toys – free

    -twine, packaging string, shoe-laces (make sure they’re knotted or attached to something, so merlin can’t swallow them (PS – watch out for needles with thread!)
    – mini super-bouncer balls, esp. tossed gently upstairs so they’ll bounce down again, or boinged across the floor
    – aluminum foil (incl candy wrappers) scrunched up into balls
    – twist-ties (the flat paper-covered kind you write on at bulk food stores), twisted/scrunched so they’ll roll
    – crinkly/rustly paper
    – cardboard boxes the kitten can climb into
    – slippers or shoes with loose laces
    – lights reflecting on the wall
    – basically, anything that dangles, or wiggles, or that can be chased! (Have your wife be careful of earrings, pendants, or even long hair! Some cats like to attack parts of people that twitch, when the people are sleeping – just for fun!)

    You’ll have loads of fun with Merlin at Christmas, I’m sure.

  2. Re: Cat toys – free

    Okay, that end-of-December holiday-time, then.
    Lots of shiny, crinkly/rustly things available then – that’s what I meant.

  3. Re: Cat toys – free

    Oh, no offense taken. It’s just that, other than my wife’s job shutting down for a couple of weeks, we don’t do anything special at that time. Well, sometimes for New Years Eve we’ll lift a glass of some adult beverage in toast to that occasion, but usually we aren’t still up that late.

  4. We had a similar problem with our three-level kitty condo. Weirdly, if I vacuum it and spray the trays with Febreze, the cats adopt their condo perches for about a week. Then, they ignore the condo until I clean & spray it again.

    I’ve speculated that the pet store let some of their resident kitties play in it, and our cats don’t like the odor that was left behind.

    One of our cats plays “fetch” if we throw the top of a soft drink bottle. And, they both like to chase ice cubes around the floor, nudging them with their noses and batting them with their paws.

    We have a ridiculous collection of other toys–including some laced with catnip–that the cats have barely looked at.

  5. I finally figured out how to get him to use the kitty-condo a bit.

    He’s started playing with hanging toys, the bead curtain over the kitchen door, etc. So, I took one that had a long elastic string tied to a handle, and dangled it in front of the bottom level to the kitty-condo. He didn’t even realize he’d started fighting it from inside until he’d already been there a while. Now, I can even get him to climb the sides and enter the second level, by manipulating the hanging toy.

  6. Very cool! I forgot that we’ve suspended stuff from the “ceilings” on ours. It’s what we do with some gift ribbons that are especially springy and have lots of loops & ends for the cats to bat at.

    Hanging toys are great!

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