Is there some connection?

About a month ago, my wife and I started blasting our way through the old episodes of “Smallville”. We started with Season 1, disc 1, and are watching them all in chronological order. Right now, we’re half-way through Season 2.

Then, a few days ago, I discovered that Season 2 of “Heroes” is available for instant viewing through my Netflix subscription (we get 24 hours of instant viewing each month). Well, as much as has been aired by NBC already, anyhow.

So, in the last 2 days, we’ve caught up on “Heroes”.

This morning, I awoke with a pounding migraine, so I wanted nothing more than to spend the whole day in bed sleeping.

Here’s the catch. Every time I slept, I would dream. Not just any dream, either. The kind of dreams I don’t want to wake up from.

In my dream today, I had somehow learned that I was a shape-shifter. I could literally be anyone, at any time. Even if it was a fictional character, I could be them. My shape-shifting was so precise that even my finger prints changed. The first cool thing I discovered was – if I took on the shape of a fictional super-hero (Superman, Peter Petrelli, Claire Bennett, Jean Gray – any of them) then I got the full dose of their powers too. After a while, it didn’t matter which shape I had, I had all the powers of all my most frequent shapes.

At that point, I became an activist. First, it was doing the typical Superman thing – race into the burning building and get out the survivors (including the cats). As word began to spread (ok, discounted rumors, mostly) I started to look for larger roles.

One day, while GW Bush was holding a press conference on the South Lawn of the White House, I shifted to Superman looks, and flew in – hovering just a few feet off the ground and not 10 feet from the President himself. Needless to say, the Secret Service boys and girls got more than a little nervous, but they couldn’t shoot me down. Bullets didn’t hurt me! In fact, I could allow them to pass right through me without getting hurt! While I was hovering there, the press finally recovered from their shock and asked why I was there.

And I made my first big announcement. Superman was announcing his campaign to become President of the United States. During the President’s press conference! How’s that for showing GWB just how news-worthy his prepared speeches really are!?

Anyhow, that’s the type of really cool dreams I have been having over the last 18 hours or so. One of my good friends made a comment on another post I wrote about a cool dream of this type that, perhaps my dreams are more than just dreams. I hope so!

One thought on “Is there some connection?

  1. That’s a very cool dream! Every aspect of it sounds like tremendous fun.

    I like to think that your dreams are actually visits to parallel worlds in which you’re living other versions of your this-world life.

    If you’re beginning to cognitively integrate and enjoy some of those parallel experiences… well, that’s wonderful stuff! Continue!

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