Off to a bad start . . .

Our day got off to a bad start today. I was sleeping on the couch in our TV room (keeping Merlin company) and woke up at 7:10 am. My wife usually tries to have all her “getting ready” done by 7:30 so she can fly off to work. She wasn’t even awake yet.

So, I woke her up, went and started my coffee, and settled down to read email. Just after she left (at 7:30), my phone rang. A friend in Florida was letting me know that GameStop has finally released a version of Guitar Hero III for the PC – yay! Only problem: it’s nearly $80 before tax. Bummer.

Oh, and it’s raining outside, too. I’m having mega-trouble just getting around the house, and my energy levels feel inadequate to power a night-light.

Last night, after my wife got off work, we took Merlin to see the vet. He had worms, as well as still having fleas. Took care of both, and it only cost us $15. Great vet! Merlin seems much happier now. At least HE woke up with plenty of energy today!

2 thoughts on “Off to a bad start . . .

  1. I think part of my problem was that I forgot to take any B-complex vits with my meals for a few days in a row. But, the bad weather certainly doesn’t help much.

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