Update on Merlin . . .

Our kitten, Merlin, now has a new playmate. At 11:30 am today, a lady I met at the office where I applied, and then withdrew, for the state medical card came over with a kitty-carrier that held 4 female kittens. They are about the same age as Merlin, so I figured they were about at the same stage of development.


After a few hours of intense spitting at each other, they now chase each other’s tales, and are generally getting more into playing mode. This is going to be a good match, and it was a great idea. Less scratches on my arms in the future.

I’m so happy! Oh, and another thing. Because Morgaine, the mostly white female long-hair that stayed behind when the kitty-carrier left, was mostly raised on a dairy farm, she’s slightly bigger than Merlin. She has no trouble jumping onto the coffee table, or from the coffee table to the top of the table we plan to use for a dining table (if we ever get some chairs!). She also loves the kitty-condo.

So, she’s putting peer pressure on Merlin to adapt. The kitty-condo is getting more use (finally) and Merlin is figuring out how to jump more.

Our local mice population may not know it – but they are in DEEP trouble!


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