What would you do . . .?

Ok, first an update on my reading. As you well know, my wife is a professional librarian, so if I want to read something and it is available through any library in the US, most of the time I can get it by asking her to request it.

Sometimes it takes a while, though. There are some libraries that, understandably, won’t make new books or recent purchases available through inter-library loan. No problem, I just wait until it is available.

Last night my wife brought home one such book. I don’t even remember how long ago I requested it, or how I learned of it. The title of the book is:

Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval

Author: Villoldo, Alberto

So, since we didn’t have any Netflix disks, and she had a book she was reading for work that she needed to finish up to return today, we declared last night a “book reading” night, and went to separate rooms after we finished supper.

I started with the introduction (I mean, the author put it there for a reason, didn’t he?). And by page 4 of the introduction I was breathless. Here’s a fair-use quote:

The Different Worlds

The Laika divide the collective unconscious of all humanity into three parts: the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds. These aren’t physical places, but rather archetypal and energetic domains. . . .

In this book, I’ll teach you how to travel to the Upper World to find your highest destiny in order to manifest the meaning and purpose in your life. But you’ll also journey to the Lower World, where your childhood and your former lifetimes reside, to recover the lost parts of your soul. These parts will take the form of beings, a frightened seven-year-old, an anguished mother, or even a cruel taskmaster. You’ll learn their stories, heal their wounds, and write new contracts that will free them from their burdens; then you will retrieve these healed soul parts and bring them back to the present. You’ll discover your hidden gifts; which you may use in your everyday life in the Middle World, and you’ll retrieve a power animal who will put you back in touch with your natural instincts.

Well, I’ve done some Shamanic Journey work, and it’s great, but to me (and perhaps me alone) there was a special ADDED significance to that passage. While I was on staff doing Dianetics Auditing for the Church of Scientology, I had people I was working with recall past-lives in session. Most of them would have said they didn’t even believe in such “crap” before it happened to them, but it still happened. I’ve always maintained that it didn’t matter if it was true or not, as long as running it helped the person I was trying to help, I’d do it.

This book sounds like it’s talking about the Shamanic Journey equivalent of solo-OT Auditing. Going after the ultimate, whole-track BASIC-BASIC engram, and being able to heal the whole being by healing it. WOW! All in a paper-back book you can get for $14 USD.

But, there is more. Here’s where I start discussing the Subject Line question above.

I know it’s been just a short time since I said, “be happy with myself, and when I’m ready, things will happen.” Well, things have started to happen, like getting that book, and the speed seems to be increasing.

In particular, I found out about a technology that I’ve been testing (with the quiet cooperation of my wife) for a few weeks now. I built a very low-power version of it, just to see what it would do, if anything.

When my wife tried it the first time, she said that the first thing she noticed was that she felt better rested when she woke up the next morning. For me, I first noticed that my energy levels started to normalize. Remember, this was a VERY weak version that I built myself.

The version that is available from the inventor is more than 21X as powerful as the one I built. He knows that in his advertising, US FDA rules don’t allow him to make any medical claims, but he hints that the full-power product can possibly repair long-term health damage, if used daily over an extended period of time.

I know, I’m not giving a lot of specifics here. Partly because I don’t want to send everyone running after something I haven’t really tested. Partly, also, because I don’t know what to think. The long-term ramifications of something like this are mind-boggling.

If, as he indicates through testimonials, this product can reverse kidney disease, lung function problems, cataracts, and more, then what about daily use over multiple years? If it is safe to do that, would it eventually eliminate all disease from the body? If it can do that, can it also stop aging (which some research is starting to indicate is a disease itself, and not normal)?

Back to my original question: What would you do? If you had your hands on technology that would stop aging, would you use it? Think of it like being Connor in the movie HIGHLANDER. With more than 99% of the people around you continuing to age, and die, would you REALLY want to live forever? He had to go to extraordinary lengths to hide his real identity, just to live what for him was a normal life. Would you want to do that? How far would you be willing to go with it?

As I said, even my very weak version is starting to heal my body, faster than I would have thought something so simple could. On Sunday, I ordered the full-power version, and it arrived today. I’ll try it for the first time this afternoon when I take my afternoon nap. Still, I have a lot to think about. I’m looking forward to your input. Oh, and yes, even as I experiment with this, I do have my “skeptic glasses” firmly in place. I know this might end up being a scam, but so far it isn’t. That’s why I placed the order.


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