Unworthy – 2 – the update . . .

Thank you for all the meaningful replies I got to my self-critical post on Sunday. Both the ones that were posted, and the ones I got in private. They have given me much to think about.

In fact, I’ve been thinking that it’s time for an experiment, if I can find someone with the right knowledge/skills/equipment to help. I’d even be willing to cooperate with someone in the academic community who might already be working on something similar, with the provision that I am the prime test subject. I’m thinking of something of a modified HOLOSYNC idea, at the most powerful subliminal frequencies, with a list of “affirmations” that I would write and have tweaked by the person helping me, for maximum effectiveness.

Here’s a summary of the idea:

Holosync technology basically says that we can “reprogram” our thinking, and by doing so we can improve our effectiveness and quality of life. Michael Talbot’s book on the holographic nature of the universe says that everything we see, feel, taste, touch, hear, say, and do are part of an interactive illusion where all things are inter-connected and anything is possible if we believe it.

“Tank, I need a pilot program for a b-3 helicopter.” “You got it.”

(estimated quotes of an exchange between Trinity and Tank from the movie, THE MATRIX.)

Alright, so why not re-program my thinking to CREATE the first “real” fully-functional super-hero on planet earth (at least in recorded history)? While I’m at it, include in the affirmations the ability to tap into any field of knowledge when needed, and download an instant expert program for it. Heck, as a scanner with a mid-level genius IQ, I’m half-way there already.

Perhaps this is my reason for being, in this lifetime anyhow. I’m the dreamer, the possibility generator, the one who dares to push society as a whole at least a little ways out of it’s comfort zone. Like Rod Serling did with “The Twilight Zone”, “Night Gallery” and the original “Planet of the Apes”. Only, instead of putting it on film with flashy special effects and trick photography, I’m going to put it right out on the street, and tell everyone that it can happen to them, too!

After all, if we’re going to choose to keep playing this game, let’s at least activate the “God Mode” option, so we can do a better job of meeting our own needs without having to fight over the resources. We really don’t need for life on this planet to continue to be the same type of struggle as “Everquest”. And, the brilliant part – all we have to do to change it is . . . change the program in our own heads!

Think of the possibilities. Unlimited range telepathy. Instant teleportation to any place in the world. Our bodies could live on sunshine and fresh air without being susceptible to extremes of heat or cold. We could all be expert diplomats who no longer need to fight to force others to see things as we do.

Yeah, I know. Utopian dreamer. You know what? I’m cool with that. It puts me in some really high-class company, you know. H. G. Welles, Leonardo DaVinci, Yeshuah ben Yoseph, The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King – utopian dreamers one and all.

So, does anyone have any idea for practical steps that I can take to move this from a dream into “holographic reality”?


2 thoughts on “Unworthy – 2 – the update . . .

  1. Umm, yeah

    …one teensy weensy little problem: matter keeps getting in the way (in this dimension, anyway). But yes, some things are definitely possible, more than people even imagine…

    However, a key component is motive; motive does matter.

    Whom you’re doing it for, and why. Heart things.

  2. Re: Umm, yeah

    You’re forgetting the part about this being a holographic universe – as in, it’s not real. There is no matter. It’s only a consideration. Like the kid said in “The Matrix” – there is no spoon.

    I’m not worried about those “heart things” for myself. I’m no criminal or evil scientist or dictator. It’s not in my nature to act those ways. Like “Superman” – I’m a Kansas boy through-and-through. Just change my last name to Kent, you know?

    I’m just wanting to show people what’s possible, and then get out of their way and let them make of it whatever they will.

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