I’ve been giving this a lot of thought . . .

Taxes, illegal immigration, and our national policy on birth control.

Might those three things be connected in some way? If so, what can those three things possibly have in common?

I think they are connected, and the common element is – the US budget deficit.

Think about it. In the USofA, we currently spend about 18% of our Gross National Product on the maintenance of the Federal Government. Under current forecasts, however, due to commitments already in place, by the year 2040 we will be spending about 18% of the national GNP on Social Security and Medicare ALONE.

The elected officials in the US House and US Senate know this full well. There is no debate on the validity of those projections. The sad reality is, if something doesn’t change, by 2040 the US Government will not be able to finance it’s own operations on a day-to-day or year-by-year basis. There will be no money available for national security, the military, or even the salaries and benefits of the people elected to those offices.

There are a number of ways that things can change to make it easier for the operation of the government to survive. Most of them would require some form of drastic reduction of entitlement program benefits, focusing clearly on the two programs that are the biggest problems. If you drastically reduce the benefits available through Medicare and Social Security (to about 15% of current levels) then you must by default extend the viability of the US Government. However, that won’t happen while we have the Democrats in control (and probably won’t happen even if the Republicans get control back). Why?

Because elected officials LOVE entitlement programs. They can hold up a vote in favor of an entitlement program in front of their voters and say “See, I really care about YOU. I’m here to help YOU!” And people buy it because it looks good on the surface. Never mind that in the long run it makes our national bankruptcy so totally unavoidable that EVERYONE looses. After all, that was just the bad luck of the math related to the huge WW2 baby boom. Right?

So, what does all that have to do with taxes, illegal immigration, and birth control policies?

The main issue Washington cares about is maintaining a viable income. Taxes. Let’s not even get into the argument (for the moment) that the reality is income taxes don’t even come close to paying the bill of the interest on our accumulated national debt. That’s a whole different argument. Washington at least wants to LOOK like it’s being responsible with the money it takes from us. Deep in our hearts, we all know it isn’t really living up to that image.

If the real problem Washington sees is lack of taxes, then the question they need to answer is, “How do we increase the tax base?” Offer an amnesty to 12 million “undocumented workers” and hand them Social Security cards, and you get 12 million more TAXABLE citizens. Yes, it makes a difference – but it’s only mathematically a .04 percent difference in our already 300+ million people national population.

So, this is where birth control policies come into play. To be completely blunt, if Washington isn’t willing to severely reduce the benefits available to Social Security and Medicare recipients, then we need another baby boom. If they start it RIGHT NOW, then those children will be entering the work force around 2028, and paying taxes on (hopefully) full-time job earnings from 2028 until 2040 (12 years). It might be enough by itself to push the 2040 deadline back to 2070 or farther, by which time none of the current elected officials will still be living and it will be someone else’s problem.

Well, I’m no expert on national policy, economics, or anything else. This is just what looks logical to me, based on the issues currently at play. I’m not agreeing with it or saying I like it. I don’t like it. But, it does make sense if I’m trying to look at it from the view point of an elected official in Washington DC.

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