Fear and enlightenment . . .

I had another brain-burst last night. Admittedly, I was also up at 2am due to a migraine headache, but when it’s this productive I say go with it.

Here is the idea. The basic reason for fractured denominations and 150 different religions (at least) is a lack of tolerance. When we believe we are right, humans naturally tend to include in that belief that all other points-of-view are wrong.


It seems to me that we are lacking in tolerance because we see some sort of threat to the view-points of others. To the degree that they may be right, we think it makes us less right. For most people, it never occurs to us that both ideas can be equally, totally, right. Why do we think the rightness of another is a threat to us?


In this universe, the number one rule of life is “Survive.” For a person who has awakened to enlightenment, there is NO threat to survival. He/she knows what is true, and lives it, and allows nothing to happen in their space without their personal approval. Even in the case of Jesus (Yeshuah ben Panther), he had to ALLOW himself to be crucified. Because Enlightened Masters know that nothing can be a threat, even the opinions of others are tolerable.

Which is why others can immediately tell when they are in the presence of an Enlightened Master. They feel a peace, a presence, that can only mean that they are fully accepted just as they are, no strings attached. This person before them would never be a threat to them, and will accept no threat to himself or others. The Enlightened Master creates a cone of peace around himself, and then freely invites the world to enter it.

We don’t need any more bimbo’s in bathing suits hoping for “world peace” – we need more Enlightened Masters to help CREATE world peace.


3 thoughts on “Fear and enlightenment . . .

  1. Your comment about Jesus reminds me of the “other” Gospels…

    I think it was John’s encounter with Jesus — while Jesus’ body was miles away on the cross — that made it clear that Jesus was definitely an Enlightened Master. He was also a very interesting guy.

  2. I didn’t say there was anything wrong with them. I happen to personally enjoy them quite a lot – and my wife qualifies nicely in that regard. But having them stand on a stage being eye candy while telling us that they wish for world peace doesn’t give us world peace.

    Enlightened Masters creating world peace will give us world peace.

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