Many of you have read my repeated moaning of the inner pain I’ve felt over the need I perceive for gaining “awakened enlightenment” – by whatever name you wish to give it. I’ve even enjoyed discussions with a few of you over what the exact nature of such a state might be, and why it is so rare to find someone who has “made it.”

Let me share a quote:

“The inward marks of the seeker are these: giving becomes motivated by selfless love and compassion, wanting nothing in return, not even gratitude; intuition becomes a trustworthy guide to action, replacing strict rationality; one catches glimpses of an unseen world as the higher reality; intimations of God and immortality appear. These signs will be accompanied by growing enjoyment of solitude, by self-reliance in place of social approval, by stirrings of Being, and by a willingness to trust. Addictive patterns will start to disappear. Meditation and prayer become parts of daily life. Yet as all these spiritual manifestations pull you away from the material world, you will find, paradoxically, a deeper connection to nature, more comfort in your body, and easier acceptance of other people. This is because spirit is not the opposite of matter. Spirit is everything, and its appearance in your life will make all things better, even things that appear to be opposites.”

That comes from a book that was specifically written to plant the seeds of the seven steps to enlightenment, in a specific order, to take the reader on the journey from where they are when they choose to read the book, to the point of total enlightenment. It’s as close to a “HOW TO” book as I think it is possible for any person to write. It guides you in discovering new points of view – from within yourself – and takes you on the journey of self-discovery to full spiritual awareness.

Or at least that is what it looks like so far. I’ve only read parts of it. The book is divided into 3 sections (by the author). Section 1 is the introduction (which I’ve read in full). Section 2 is a series of 20 lessons, which the author recommends you do in a very specific manor: study one lesson several times a day for a week (or more) before moving on to the next; repeat. Section 3 is a narrative story based on the principles, in which the voice of none other than MERLIN is invoked to teach two knights of the Round Table what steps lie before them on the quest for the Grail (I’ve also fully read this).

Just what book am I so enthusiastic about?

The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want
by Deepak Chopra

If your passion for spiritual growth burns as intense as mine has for the last few years, this is a MUST READ AND USE book for your life. Buy it or trade for it – you will want to keep it and not be concerned with having to keep attention on library due dates. I got my copy by a trade on Swaptree.com .

I think I can now see the end of the road, and it’s not much farther away. Gods and Goddesses help us all if I’m right . . . . *grins*


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