Want free books?

If you like classic literature, including translated versions of materials that are truly classics, then you just might enjoy this resource my wife just told me about.  It’s a site that has electronic versions of thousands of out-of-copyright books, in a variety of user-selectable download formats.


I’ve just downloaded everything they have in the "Harvard Classics" tab, and am working through the "Horror" literature tab.

2 thoughts on “Want free books?

  1. Need much bigger harddrive!

    Oh, wow. A bookworm’s paradise – like our local “Thrifty Mama’s” (used bookstore) online! I’ve added it to favourites.

  2. Re: Need much bigger harddrive!

    I agree with the needing a bigger hard drive. I was already thinking that I needed to go to Best Buy sometime to get a 1Tb or 2Tb external hard drive. Now I know I need that – unless I can get some sort of tablet or iPad with enough memory to carry everything I have on my computer already. That’s unlikely, though, because I already have about 300 Gb of data/images/programs on the hard drives that are already on my computer. Still, an iPad with 2Tb of storage space would be sweet!

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