Congressional Power . . .

Have you ever noticed that every news item that hits the major networks is nearly automatically met with a wave of talking heads from Congress about what they think needs to be done, or what they think might have caused it, or . . . .

There is one thing you really need to understand. Almost everyone in Congress, or the White House for that matter, does not want to fix any problem they want you to think they care about. The only reason they care about it is because they are on some committee that controls money that goes towards that problem. In Washington, DC, MONEY is the measure of POWER. The more money your committee controls, the more power you have. So, every Congressman/woman in Washington has a vested interest in NEVER fixing ANYTHING. If they ever did accidentally fix something, they would no longer control the money in the federal budget that is currently being thrown at it.

That is why unemployment doesn’t go down (much) when they throw $10 Billion at it. That is why Welfare has ballooned to 25x what it was supposed to be when it was started. That is why the “War On Drugs” that we’ve had as a national priority since 1972 has been a total failure. That is why the TSA can’t stop a housewife from boarding an airplane with a loaded pistol, but they have to grope wheelchair-bound grandmothers and strip-search 7 year old girls. Washington never wants to address any problem effectively – they just want you to be worried enough about it that you won’t care if they spend money on it.

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