Cursing Microsoft . . .

I had an idea for a new post for today. It was something I’d seen posted in a Yahoo News comment about 3 months ago, so I had to go do some digging.

Mind you, digging through Yahoo News comments is a long, slow, tedious process. There is no simple or fast way to search for a specific comment. Fortunately, I’d copied and pasted it into a comment myself, so that could speed it up somewhat. I just had to use the tab “My Comments” and search through them.

About an hour into my search, I was reaching comments about a month old. Wouldn’t you know it – Windows decided that was the PERFECT time to crash and do a BSOD reboot. This computer is running Win7Pro.

I’ve been using personal computers since before you could buy them with a hard drive installed. I’ve used EVERY Windows operating system since DOS 3.0 – and I know one thing for an absolute fact: Each and every new Windows package has been worse than the one before it. Without fail.

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