Reading projects . . .

Here is a list of the books on my “current reading” shelf. Some of the titles below are such personal favorites that I re-read them on an annual basis. For lack of any particular reason to order them in a special way, I’m just going to throw them out here with the newest one first:

A Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe
Paul Rademacher
Alternative Spiritual Guidance

The Holographic Universe
Michael Talbot

Jesus The Man
Barbara Thiering

The Superbeings
John Randolph Price
Spirituality, Metaphysics

Stranger In A Strange Land
Robert A. Heinlein

Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
Richard Bach
Spirituality, fiction


One thought on “Reading projects . . .

  1. spiritual fiction says:

    Sheep are utterly dependent upon the shepherd: if one gets
    lost, it is unable to find its way back home.

    It is for this reason that we will consider it separately,
    apart from the general view of religion, giving it a category of its own. When we humans put things into perspective
    we will soon realize that science is no different from metaphysics and spirituality.

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