Illegal Immigrant “Do’s” and “Don’ts” . . .

Sorry, but I have to schedule this one ahead of time because I need to take my computer in for a check-up.  It’s been suggested that I might have a cooling fan malfunctioning.


Places you WONT see illegal border jumping Mexicans

  • Volunteering at the Meals on Wheels program for senior citizens
  • Mentoring dis-advantaged youth at the Boys and Girls Club
  • Donating Turkeys on Thanksgiving to Saint Anthony’s Dining hall
  • Fundraising for the local SPCA animal shelter
  • Helping out at the Police Activities League
  • Participating in PTA meetings
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles: Drivers License Division
  • Taking ESL Classes (ESL = English as a Second Language)

Places you WILL see illegal border jumping Mexicans

  • Marching in the streets demanding their ” rights”
  • The local Food Stamp office
  • Criminal Court
  • The Free Food Bank
  • Local Hospital Emergency Room/ Maternity Ward
  • State and Federal Penitentiary’s
  • Fleeing the scene of an accident
  • Stealing anything that isn’t bolted down

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