How very odd . . .

Ok, my friends.  You know that I read – a lot – on almost every subject under the heavens.

Just now (it is 0436 local time) I was sitting here downloading a cache of PDF files I found on Magick – how to, history, comparative paths – all sorts of stuff that I thought would make for an interesting reading project this afternoon.  So, imagine my fit of chuckles when, after successfully downloading several dozen different documents already, I got a WARNING from my AV system about “potentially unwanted site” when I clicked on the link to download a book by . . . . Aleister Crowley.

Mind you, this did not look like the normal AV warning.  There was no named threat listed.  They just didn’t want me researching Crowley.  Or at least that is what it looked like.

Well, I have a personal rule.  Whenever the authorities say something is bad enough they have to try to protect you from it, that is when you need to get to know that thing very, very, well.  It doesn’t even matter if you actually USE the information – it’s the notion that ideas are being suppressed.  Given the observable fact that governments always move from a purpose of service to a purpose of control, when they start trying to keep information from you, that can be counted on to be information that will weaken their control.

2 thoughts on “How very odd . . .

  1. That is HILARIOUS. Why the government would consider Crowley dangerous after all this time, I have no idea, though. Maybe your computer has suddenly developed an aversion to him. 🙂

    • I’m not sure what it is – but I had to laugh when it happened. Especially since I already have a folder full of Crowley’s books in .TXT format!

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