The United States needs a ballot initiative pushed by grassroots citizens groups to add one more Amendment to the Constitution. We need to allow the possibility of a vote to recall the POTUS if 2/3rds of the Governors of the country call for it. No President should ever feel secure that, once sworn in, he can’t be removed from office before the next election. Oh, and the same amendment should alter Congressional pay – everyone in Congress should be paid by the state that elected them, not the Federal Government. Even a dog knows not to bite the hand that feeds it.

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A system  of checks and balances was built  within the Constitution to protect us against tyranny .

The Executive, the Judicial and the Legislative branches of our United States Government is a checks and balance system, right?   This C & B system really does work, when there are responsible people executing the responsibilities and duties of each branch.   John Adams said, “Only by balancing each against the other two could freedom be preserved.”.

The best example of a dysfunctional government is the one we have today.   The Legislative and Executive Branches are good at pointing the finger and giving the middle one to the other, but take little action.   When one is in violation of the Constitution and our laws and the other branches do not respond accordingly, holding the other accountable, then both or possibly all three are in violation, thumbing their noses at the…

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