Busy week . . .

You might have noticed that since I posted about my computer acting up, I haven’t written so many new, original blogs.  Mostly, it’s because my computer is acting up.

After figuring out that I had a hard drive facing imminent failure, we ordered a new one.  While I was waiting for it to arrive, we had the starter go bad on our car – while my wife was out doing grocery shopping Saturday morning.  Then when the new hard drive arrived, we had to do the whole OS install, and about 2 days of “important updates” had to each be installed individually, in between trying to find the programs I normally use for A/V, firewall, pop-up blocking, and other fun things.

Last night, my wife and I sat down with a Netflix DVD, and watched the Hallmark Channel original movie “The Good Witch’s Gift” – the third in a series of excellent “family friendly” movies.  And as we were watching it, something slowly crept into my mind.

After the movie, I double checked.  Yep – my wife and I both missed it.  While she was busy grocery shopping and replacing a bad starter, our 14th Wedding Anniversary sneaked by.  I think we’re going to make it up to ourselves by going out for supper tonight.

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