Sad statistic . . .

Oh, I realize that there are other things to be concerned about, or at least interested in, happening all over the globe.  However, as this one affects me more or less directly, it was hard to avoid.

You see, when I first started this blog, I put all comments on monitored status.  I really didn’t expect to get much traffic – I’ve been blogging on LiveJournal for over 10 years and can count on one hand the number of comments made on any post that didn’t come from a friend, or someone who became a friend. Truth be told, my blogs over there don’t get a whole lot of traffic even including friends.

That said, I was rather impressed when I saw my blogs here climb over 20 subscribers, and achieve the rank of 5 unique visits per day consistently.  I thought that was mind boggling.  Little did I know what was coming.

When I wrote the post on “Diet and Weight Loss” it very quickly became one of the most viewed blogs I’ve EVER written.  Which is pretty amazing since I didn’t offer any advice of any kind – I was just complaining about the fact that I feel judged by those who don’t face the challenges I have.  Imagine my surprise when I started screening 20 comments or more EVERY DAY on that one blog – all with user names or URL’s advertising some sort of weight loss product.  My first response was to edit a few and let them post, while replying to them that I would not allow links to any commercial product.

That didn’t work, as the comments kept coming.  So I closed that post to all comments, and edited my Copyright notice to reflect that I would not approve comments advertising products.  Undaunted, the comments continue to flood in – but now they are targeted at the “Spirituality Newsletters?” post.  I’m still blocking/deleting around a dozen comments per day.  And the URL’s are still going to sites that advertise Diet & Weight Loss products.

I know that some would say, “this is the price of fame” – and I’d agree, except that I don’t feel famous.  I’m a nobody who happens to voice his opinions through a blog, and about 26 people currently appreciate it enough to listen.  26 people – in a nation of 310 Million.  Oh, and did I mention that 3 of my most faithful pings are coming from other countries?  I get a daily ping out of Brazil, and almost daily pings from Italy and Spain.  I’m not what most people would call “famous”.  Nor am I a celebrity of any sort.  I’m just an over-the-hill disabled veteran with too much time on my hands and a brain I can’t disengage from the world around us.

The real question is – who are these people who can’t understand that I won’t allow others to profit from links to my blogs?

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