Health care and weight . . .

One of the worst problems in western medicine (In My Humble Opinion) is this idea that any one approach is going to work for most, if not all, people. That’s fine for setting a broken bone, but it totally fails everywhere else. You can’t treat an insulin-dependent diabetic the same as a person with ADHD.

We all know people who can eat anything they want to, and never seem to gain an ounce. I’m married to one – 15 years after we met she still can wear the same clothes she had then. At the other extreme is – well, ME. The nursery rhyme about Mr. & Mrs. Sprat could have been written about us if the roles were reversed.

So, if we’re going to ever have lasting, meaningful heath care reform in the USA, the first thing we absolutely need to lose is this notion of “a pill for everything”. The heart of that attitude is that, with any one symptom, all you have to do is give the right pill and the problem is fixed. First of all, even that is a mistake – the problem is never fixed that way, only masked. But the second problem is that what works for one person could prove deadly to another.

A while back, in an effort to lose some weight, I started drinking some “smoothies” that we made at home in the blender. We were using a recipe that we found in a very popular health-and-weight-management cook book. They tasted WONDERFUL.

And three days after I started drinking them, I got sick. Not just mildly – I had “the runs” so badly that I was in the bathroom every hour, or more often. Even after I discontinued the smoothies, I was still sick for almost a week getting that stuff out of me.

Yesterday I found a website by an Ayurvedic Medical Doctor who was saying that there are 3 basic body types, and offered a quiz. The site is here – but the quiz to determine your body type wasn’t working when I went there. I emailed them and got a reply with the PDF of the quiz attached.

When I took the quiz, the result was that I have a “Spring” body type, which surprised me. Thirty years ago I would have been a Winter. But, the key point for this post is the realization that, based on the dietary recommendations for Spring bodies – TWO of the ingredients in that smoothie I liked are actually TOXIC to me.

Some of what he suggests is going to be difficult for me – if not downright impossible.  Living where we do, we can’t seem to find anywhere to buy “clarified butter” – which I’m supposed to have a serving of every morning.  Even still, it’s great to have an idea what direction to head in.

2 thoughts on “Health care and weight . . .

  1. lala412 says:

    I bought a Vitamix in May, but haven’t used it all that much because I have had a similar problem. Went to their site but the quiz still does not work. I sent them an e-mail – hopefully they will send it to me, and fix the quiz!

    • If they answer your email (and they answered mine fairly fast) you will need to save the PDF to your desktop and open it with Adobe Reader to get the best functionality with it. I tried to just double-click on it, and it opened in my browser the first time.

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