Muslim goals . . .

Since I’m not feeling well, I’m doing another copy/paste from something that was posted in comments on Yahoo. – V

Islam is a fixed religion, which means that Muslims will not accept change of any form which contradicts Islam. In Islam – Men rule and Women MUST follow and submit without question. Non-Muslims have little say in the Government, and they have rights only to their own affairs (like temples and social order). The Government MUST be in accordance to Islamic standard. You may hear Muslims proclaiming that Islam is not against Democracy because there was Discussion during the time of the Prophet. FYI, in this discussion, it will be attended ONLY by Muslims and they are supposed to be advised by Islamic religious leaders (Muallahs) who could call for Jihad against Non-Muslims at any time. Muslims have given options to Non-Muslims – Convert to Islam or Pay Jizya. Jizya is a polite word for Protection Money. You need to PAY to be allowed to live and continue your beliefs, and there could still be restrictions such as no celebrations outside your house etc. Also, any changes which occurs in Muslim nations could easily be toppled by Muslim Muallahs in the name of Allah. Change is not possible because the people were taught not to change. Muslims are taught to follow everything Muhammad has done and said. In Judaism and Christianity, the people have choices on how they want to live their lives. Whatever they choose, it will be between them and God. In Islam, that choice does not exist. Muslims do not believe in Free Will, they have to follow what Muhammad said like some herd animals. Change or moderation is not possible for these people.

Thinking that we can coexist with these people in the long run is wishful thinking. Their whole goal is to rule the world. You will either believe as they do or you are cast aside. They do not have the same thought processes of freedom of religion as we do in America. They will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal, and that is having the whole world under Islam. They will use our own freedoms against us to this end by claiming discrimination against them while they do everything in their power to discriminate with impunity against anyone who does not believe in Allah.

We need to quit thinking of this as a religious group and affording rights to them based on this. We need to refer to those with belief in Islam as a terrorist group that denies basic civil rights to women and non-believers. Until all Muslims denounce the violence and start to protect the rights of all peoples and their rights to follow other beliefs if they so choose there can be no discussion or compromise with Islam.

If we continue to put our head in the sand regarding this we will allow something far worse than Nazi Germany, communism and kaykaykay combined to happen all over again. Actually, if you’ll look into the entire history of Islam, you will learn that these barbaric atrocities and mass genocide are nothing new. It has been happening right from the moment of its inception 14 centuries ago where Muhammad took the very birthplace and epicentre of Islam by the sword and that’s how it spread and moved forward from there in conquering the non-Muslim world piece by piece one at a time.

Muslims are encouraged to live in the way of Muhammad, who was a mass murderer, pedophile rapist, slave owner and trader. He captured slaves in battle. He had sex with his slaves. And he instructed his men to do the same. The Qur’an actually devotes more verses on the ways of how to persecute. discriminate, harm, maim and kill the ‘infidels’ and better to making sure that Muslim men know they can keep women as slaves and sex slaves than it does to telling them to pray five times a day.

Qur’an (33:50)
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Qur’an (8:69)
Qur’an (24:32)
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