PCH exaggerates . . .

“Don’t you want to be the next millionaire from <insert state here>?”

In the same email they sent me that had that question, they said that their records indicate that, to date, they have awarded $344,000 to 923 winners in this state.

Or, to do the math for you, they have averaged just $370 per winner.  In fact, they haven’t made ANY millionaires in this state, because the total awarded to this state is less than one million.  They exaggerated.

Mind you, I wouldn’t turn down $370 – that’s almost enough to buy one more of the upgraded energy-efficient windows we’re having put in the house.  But it won’t replace them all, let alone pay off the house.  To totally refit the remaining windows we need to replace, we’d need about $12k (have to allow for taxes on the prize money, right?).

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