VA hospitals . . .

Ok, you know I’m a veteran, and that I’m disabled. I’ve been disabled since I had a bone tumor operated on by the US Army in October of 1980. Up until about 5 years ago, I kept working, doing whatever I could. I reinvented myself over a dozen times to learn a new trade that was within the range of physical ability I was experiencing.

Last year, I finally threw in the towel and applied for Social Security disability (because the VA benefits I get with a service-connected disability are just about enough to go out to eat twice a month). However, as a veteran who hasn’t had private health coverage, the vast majority of my health care records are held at VA hospitals.

Guess what? Yesterday when I got to an administrative hearing on my SS case, I found out that the VA had just flat-out not complied with written requests for records from my lawyer & Social Security. Sadly, that isn’t even unusual. The lawyer and judge both stated – ON THE RECORD – that they were aware of VA’s reputation for not providing records to the courts or Social Security. The absolutely worst VA center between the Rockies and the Appalachian Mountains? St. Louis – where my migraines were diagnosed and initially treated. None of those records were available to corroborate my claim. Not even the information to verify the date of when I first started getting migraines.

Seriously – you do NOT want Obamacare to work. You don’t. Because if it does, the health care I get now is the health care you’re going to live with the rest of your lives. And you children, their children . . . .

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