A Ranger, SEAL, Delta Operator, Marine, Fighter Pilot & War College Grad Respond to ISIS’ Threats

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

No, it isn’t all one guy. 🙂

1. Daren Sorenson –  Former USAF Officer and F-15E Fighter Pilot who has been deployed seven times and served in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan

D Sorensen

Q: What was your initial reaction when you first heard the news about this ISIS threat?

“We have been fighting a terrorist threat for over a decade since 9/11. This is nothing new and this is not the first time a terrorist group has threatened to attack military members and their families inside the United States.

If such an attack did occur, their strategy is flawed because it would have the opposite effect of what they desire.  Such an attack would only galvanize the American people, awaken and engage the entire public and energize a level of patriotism not seen since 9/11 and possibly Pearl Harbor.  This current generation of enemies has never actually seen a fully…

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