Ebola can be prevented . . .

and treated naturally.  <——  (that is a link)


But there isn’t as much profit in treating disease with natural remedies, so the AMA, CDC, and WHO do their best to ridicule or blacklist the safer options.   All at the behest of Big Pharma.

2 thoughts on “Ebola can be prevented . . .

  1. It constantly amazes me how cures for diseases are often simple and easy to find stuff that we can get anywhere and yet doctors and hospitals are so blind to that. They also get less education on nutrition than a person could read from a college textbook. Because of that, they will prescribe a drug with potentially deadly side effects rather than say to eat organic foods, drink filtered water, and take vitamin supplements. I know about the obvious profit motive of the drug and food industries, because it is more profitable to keep up sick and coming back for more drugs, but it just seems ridiculous.

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