Death of a Salesman . . .

No, I’m not talking about the famous play, or the movie version of it.  In fact, this isn’t really about a person at all.

It’s about our TV.  The LG 28″ HD TV we’ve had for about 7 years.  About 10 days ago I noticed that I was having trouble getting a picture when I first turned on the TV, but if I cycled it ON/OFF a few times, the picture would come up.  Then, last Monday my wife commented that she’d noticed that problem, so I confirmed it.  By Wednesday, I got in touch with our electronics techie, and he told me that it was either “swollen capacitors” on the motherboard, or the power supply was giving out.  He gave me the website for a company that specializes in selling repair parts for flat-panel TV’s.

Armed with that information, I went to the website, and found that while they did have a lot of parts for other LG TV’s – our specific model number was not listed.  It didn’t matter which problem our TV had, because I couldn’t confirm that we’d be able to get a replacement part.  When I told my wife that, we decided that it was time to get a new TV.

However, it was after 6:00 pm when we came to that decision, and our local Westco was closed.  I went online to, and found a 32″ TV that would meet all of our needs (we don’t have cable TV or Satellite service) and we had the money in savings to cover it’s price, so I ordered it and paid for expedited shipping to get it by Friday.  I gave them our address, credit card number . . . and a blind email address I’d set up just for such situations so I wouldn’t have to give out my real email contact to corporations.  I did NOT give them our home phone number.

2 hours later I got an email that was cancelling the order, “because we can’t confirm some of your information”.  Apparently invading your privacy for their database is more important to them than making a sale.

Well, that wasn’t going to fly with me.  The next morning, I took my wife to work and kept the car.  At 10:00 am when Westco opened, I waddled in and told the clerk helping me what I wanted.  He told me that, no matter what the Westco website said about availability, THIS store hadn’t had anything smaller than a 38″ TV in stock for over 2 years.  On that Thursday morning, the smallest TV he had was a LG 42″ HD TV – that was nearly double what I had already been willing to pay to BestBuy for the 32″ TV.  However, he assured me that we’d have it that afternoon – free delivery and setup.

It’s on our coffee table now.  The first movie we watched was a Netflix disc we got in the mail Wednesday morning – “The Fault In Our Stars”.  It was a great movie in it’s own right, but it was awesome for breaking in our new TV.

Oh, and the first time I fired up the PS3 to play one of my games – I freaked out.  I thought everything looked spectacular on the 28″ TV – the 42″ almost makes the games look photo-realistic.  I am eagerly anticipating the release in a couple of weeks of the new game – “Dragon Age: Inquisition”.

2 thoughts on “Death of a Salesman . . .

    • I can’t imagine anyone aspiring to be boring! lol

      Besides – I got the product. It was installed and fully functional before Thursday at 2pm.

      (and I KNOW you know what I mean)

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