More soap . . .

I made another batch of home-made lye soap yesterday.  There were two reasons for this:

1.  We were running low on soap for showers, and it takes a month for the soap to cure before it is ready to use.

2.  We got some new soap molds and I wanted to see how well they work with my soap recipe, since I don’t do melt-and-pour soaps.

This was a rushed batch, so I didn’t take the time to measure out some of the “extras” that I usually use, like the coconut oil or other natural additives.  Instead, this is straight lard-and-lye, the oldest and purest form of soap known to man.  So far, it’s looking good, even with the new molds.  I’ll know more in a week when it’s time to pop the bars out of the molds.


2 thoughts on “More soap . . .

  1. I have sold a couple of bars through a local mom-and-pop candle/herbal supply shop. The going rate has been $6/bar. How many would you like? One mold nets 8 bars about the same size as what you would buy in a store, to give you a rough idea.

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