A TENS unit for migraine . . .

I was talking recently with a friend I’ve known for years who is reading my blogs, and she asked about my migraines.  Not just the sort of idle “How are you” question, but like she had something to share.  So, I filled her in on the whole back story; what the likely cause is, when they started, how long I’ve been dealing with them, how often I get them – everything.

Then she confided that she also had a history of getting them.  Then she told me about something a relative in Canada sent her, and shared this link with me:  http://www.cefaly.ca/

It is a TENS-type of therapy, which is proven and reliable for other things, and even available by prescription for migraine therapy in the US.  But for some reason (probably because the US has regulated it for prescription only) the company does not accept orders from the US.  IMHO – that should be considered criminal.  They sell TENS units without prescription for all sorts of things, including back pain, but I can’t get one for my migraines unless a doctor at the VA is willing to write a prescription for it (and that is assuming the VA even includes it in their schedule of therapies).

Well, I’ve asked the nurse at the VA to ask my doctor about it.  If I can get one, I certainly will.

2 thoughts on “A TENS unit for migraine . . .

  1. Chevron Spots says:

    This is definitely interesting. I’ve gadca TENS unit for years and migraines because of my cerebral vasculitis. But I have never considered using my TENS for my migraines. Thanks for the link!

    • If you look at the link, the device they are using (which my friend swears does what it says it will do, but takes about a month to start to notice results) is very specifically designed. I’m not sure if a standard TENS unit would work, but it is that type of technology.

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