Quality or price – follow up . . .

It occurred to me that there is one very simple thing that you can do to enhance your ability to have nicer things, but it will take a commitment of time and a bit of discipline and patience.

Create a folder on the desktop of your computer.  I don’t care what you name it, as long as it is something positive that implies that the contents are something that you both want and are able to get.  Then, go out to your favorite search engine (I like Startpage.com because it gives you Google search results without allowing Google to track you) – click on the images link – and look up pictures of your favorite things.  Find at least 10 images each of things like homes, cars, planes, boats, – whatever you are into, put 10 images of each thing you like into your desktop folder.  Then set your screensaver to display the images in that folder, in random order if possible.

Whenever you find yourself looking at the screensaver images, just think to yourself, “I can have that.”  You might not believe it at first, but keep doing it.  The longer you do it, and the more times you do it, you will find that you start to believe it.  The more you believe it, the more real it will be that those things can become part of your home.  Eventually you’ll discover that they ARE part of your home, even if they sometimes just seemed to show up and made themselves comfortable.


One thought on “Quality or price – follow up . . .

  1. Anita Warren says:

    IMO, following this suggestion keeps you in a high vibration or “feeling good,” which attracts more “high vibration” things to you. It’s all good! Lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa!

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