About migraines . . .

There is no doubt about it . . . after 15 years of dealing with migraine headaches, I can assure you that the #1 worst thing about getting them is the pain.  It always feels as if half your forehead is exploding.  Sometimes that comes with extreme audio sensitivity.  I once had a migraine while someone was mowing their yard – 2 blocks away – and the sound of the mower made the pain worse.  Sometimes the migraine causes visual distortions instead – which can range from a slight “halo” effect to everything you see all the way to total blindness.  I’ve experienced both extremes.

But, have you ever considered what the #2 worst thing about getting a migraine headache might be?  It might surprise you, but not if you know that a migraine can last from 3-4 DAYS.  It’s sleep deprivation.  When you get a migraine, you can’t sleep properly, so you drift off whenever you can, and the pain wakes you back up as soon as it can.  It puts you into a yo-yo cycle that just leaves you feeling drained.  You don’t get the quality sleep that you need, so even the sleep you get doesn’t help.

Oh, and the #3 thing about getting a migraine?  Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me it is that I haven’t yet found a medication I can take for them that will actually control/prevent the migraine without causing worse problems.  The last med my doctor tried me on actually triggered a migraine.  The first 2-3 that the doctor wanted to try all were known to cause hallucinations, so I never attempted to take them.

I’d love to try one of those TENS units that is specially designed for migraine treatment, but at a cost of $400 that has to come out of our pocket . . . . .


7 thoughts on “About migraines . . .

  1. Anita Warren says:

    Look up Imitrex (or generic name sumatriptan) to see what it does. It works for me with no side effects. The TENS unit cefaly.com has made a huge difference!! I would beg borrow or steal to get the $400. I don’t like suffering. The suffering you describe is exactly how it is. When I used to lay there in pain for 3 days, I would be contemplating ending it all.

    • I haven’t tried Imitrex yet, but I might. Right now I’m using an herbal cream that I get from a local mom-n-pop alternative faiths store. It doesn’t get rid of the migraine, but it turns my head into a numb, dull, brick, so that’s better than the pain.

      I would beg, or borrow, to get the $400 – except that since the unit is only available in the US by prescription, and the VA won’t authorize it, it isn’t available to me even if I had the money.

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