Looking to the future

As the year 2014 winds down, and the world looks collectively towards 2015 and beyond, I’m giving some thoughts to what the future holds for us all.  While I don’t expect everyone out there to agree with me, here are some things I see in my own future.  This won’t all happen during 2015, but I see it all being true eventually.

1.  I think the computer I’m now using on the internet will be the last electronic device I ever connect to the internet.  I don’t want to be treated as a commodity, and I don’t think anyone has a need to know what I’m doing privately unless they can get a search warrant from a judge I can talk to.

2.  I think that the only healthy way to eat will be growing your own organic food with heirloom seeds and compost, and I foresee that Monsanto and the GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) will pull out all the stops to guarantee home gardening becomes illegal.  Monsanto cares nothing about the quality of food or your health – they want to control the food supply of the entire world.

3.  Wait times in hospital ER’s is going to get worse, and MD’s taking on new patients in private practices will almost completely stop – unless Obamacare is fully repealed.  The number of doctors currently practicing is down 15% nationwide from 2010, and nearly half those still practicing are indicating they will not accept any Obamacare-approved insurance plans.  Cash under-the-table will become the new king of healthcare.

4.  To try to eliminate (or at least control) black markets, including health care, the governments will step up efforts to transition to a cashless, digital, economy where every transaction is done electronically.  Bitcoin (and anything like it) will be outlawed, or ordered to open up to government surveillance.


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