Roasted Lame Duck (joke)

Note: the following recipe was taken from a comment on Yahoo! News. – V


Roasted Lame Duck
(preheat earth to 450 degrees)

1 large Ham or lame duck with small potatoes
1 package WJ Clinton Whole Cloves for studding the ham
1 cup of firmly packed Holder brown sugar
1/4 cup of Gruber fine mustard
2 tablespoons of Hillarys’ Cedar vinegar ( careful not to bump the counter top or it loses all flavor and memory)

Prepare the large Ham or Lame duck with small potatoes by removing the plastic Pelosi packaging. Remove the thin-skinned until the race baiters are exposed. (HINT: Soaking the large Ham or Lame duck with small potatoes in a large bowl of AL & Jessie Drool will remove the majority of the baiters. The remaining clingons can be removed with ICE.)
Score top of ham into cigar shapes and stud the center of each cigar with a clove. Coat with Gruber mustard,it rubs the mustard on it’s skin. After removing the Ferguson bone fill cavity with juices of Hillary.(HINT: several large cigars will plug the hole left from Ferguson).

Place Large ham or Lame duck with small potatoes on a Shotgun Joe cooling rack and place dead center of North Pole and wait for global warming to do it’s thing.

Feeds 16 villages.

Then……..set it….and forget it.

If the Lame Duck attempts to turn the small potatoes into carrot vetoes, counter with apple pie overrides for a nice, balanced budgetary flavor.


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