Why GMO’s are bad, and how to stop them

You are a food consumer, no matter how you get it.  But are you familiar with the old saying, “You are what you eat?”  It means if you put junk into your mouth, your body will become junk.

So look at what has happened to our society since the end of World War 2.  Diabetes rates have more than doubled.  Cancer rates have seen an exponential increase.  Obesity is officially classified as an epidemic.  Yet during the same time frame, the company that developed Agent Orange has quietly been turning your food into a science experiment – for no other reason than so they can patent it and control the supply of food to the entire world.



6 thoughts on “Why GMO’s are bad, and how to stop them

  1. I think they may have forgotten one important way. That is for consumers to grow their own foods from heirloom seeds with compost. If people did this nationwide, maybe Monsanto would wake up and realize that GMO is not the way to go.

    • That is an idea, but it is vulnerable to government regulation. Monsanto has already tried, several times since about 1990, to get home gardens outlawed.

  2. How funny, I was just chatting about this very subject. Crazyliblady is right, unless you grow it yourself, you have no clue what is really in what your eating. Hope your doing well Vernon and that the headaches are at bay! Happy New Year!

    • Crazyliblady is the librarian I’ve been privileged to call my wife for the last 15 years. Get it? Crazy lib(rarian) lady?

      • She plants a garden in our backyard every year, using heirloom seeds and compost she makes with leaves from our trees and leftovers from our table – processed by worms she buys at the local bait shop.

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