Paris taught the whole world . . .

My heart goes out to all the victims, their co-workers, and their families, of the shooting at the Charlie-Hebdo offices in Paris, France.  I couldn’t help noticing that most news outlets seemed to pick up quickly that these were Muslims who were agitated by cartoons about their prophet.  Again.

However, what you don’t hear very many American media outlets reporting is the biggest piece of news about the shooting.  France has a 100% ban on all firearms, and these shootings were carried out with FULLY AUTOMATIC machine guns.

The lesson to be taken away from the Charlie-Hebdo shootings is that gun control will never work – criminals intent on murder will find a way even in countries with no legal guns anywhere.  The genie is out of the bottle – until everyone on the planet is enlightened, there will always be guns, even if they are illegal.  Criminals do not care what laws you pass, because they not only won’t obey the laws, but the laws make their “jobs” safer.

The only sane recourse is to respond to violent threats with the capacity to kill the criminal before he kills you.  Also, if 80% of all US households reported the ability to repel criminal invasion, what do you think would happen to the arrogance of Washington?  Personally, I think the Congress would start listening to Average Joe & Average Jane a lot more closely.


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