About my silence . . .

I know I haven’t posted anything new in a few days.  I do apologize for that, but I have a good reason.

One of the advantages to sitting at home surfing the internet all day (especially when you have as many interests as I have) is that you hear a LOT of rumors.  Most of them turn out to be not worthy of follow up, but every now and then something potentially AMAZING comes along.  About a week ago, I had such an event happen.

I’m not really ready to go into details, but you should know that my wife has been helping me research and collect the materials needed to begin an experiment that may have some HUGE implications.  I promise, in about 3-4 weeks I will be writing something about what happens in the experiment, no matter what my conclusions are.  It’s likely to either be one of the biggest events I’ve participated in, or it will expose one of the biggest frauds emerging in the US.


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